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How did Baby Showers Get Started – Origin of Baby Showers

There are several different theories surrounding the origin of baby showers, but there really is no way of determining exactly when or where the baby shower originated. Some experts believe that baby showers, or the celebration of birth started in ancient cultures. This is evidenced by some data that has been found dating back to the ancient Roman and Egyptian times. However, where they did originate doesn’t really matter. What matters is that baby showers are a special event where people gather to celebrate a new life about to enter the world. Read More About Origin of Baby Showers.

Looking back at baby showers from a long time ago, the gifts that were given to the family were handmade, such as clothing, blankets and perhaps even some food items might have been given as gifts. In the early days, baby showers were normally given after the birth of the child when the baby was introduced to family and friends.

The modern day version of the baby showers began after WWII, and, for years, only the women were sent baby shower invitations to celebrate the approaching birth of a new baby. Nowadays, baby showers often include the father and other male members of the family and friends. These types of showers are often referred to as a couples baby showers or co-ed baby showers. Moreover, the baby shower was sometimes referred to as a welcome home baby shower, as the baby shower would have occurred after the baby was born and brought home. And, there are sprinkle baby showers for 2nd, 3rd and other children.

However, with the development of technology as it stands, Mom-to-Be can usually find out the sex of their child, which makes planning for a baby shower easier. If the Mom-to-Be have a large family and lots of friends, or just know that different people want to host a baby shower for them, then a regular baby shower can be thrown with possible another baby showers held afterwards, such as at the workplace.

With the development of baby showers, there has also been an evolution of the way to announce a shower party. Specifically, the personalized baby shower invitations can be theme-based or as elaborate or frilly as the hostess wants it to be. There are also baby shower announcements and baby shower cards that can be done instead of baby shower invitations.

Baby showers have evolved even more particularly when the new parents have adopted their baby, or they are having twins. Adoption baby showers and twins baby showers are specific themes and can be geared more towards the situation of the new parents rather than just having a generic baby shower. If this is the couples, second or third baby, known as sprinkle baby showers, are normally given.

Regardless of the kind of baby shower party given, having baby shower announcements or baby shower cards for the theme or type of shower party will set the tone for the shower. Additionally, custom baby shower thank you cards can be purchased to match the imprinted baby shower invitations.

The history of baby showers and the baby shower party has definitely evolved over time, making the baby shower of today a unique experience for the Mom-to-Be. Even if the sex of the baby is not known, the trend has been towards more unisex-type items so the host or guests cannot go wrong.

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